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For anyone looking to gain a greater insight into Thai culture, we suggest checking out professional Muay Thai fights at one of Thailand’s world-famous boxing stadiums – Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. We also offer Thai boxing lessons and packages for training camps in gyms all over the city – a great social way to connect with locals and experience a taste of the real Thailand. Search below for one-time group or private lessons, or long-stay options.

Known to locals as the City of Angels (Krung Têhp), Thailand’s capital is the world’s most visited city. The modern cityscape towers over canalside communities, iconic temples and humble Chinese shop houses and plays host to endless shopping opportunities and a buzzing nightlife. While famous for its delicious street food scene, the city also boasts some of the world’s best fine-dining restaurants.

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  2. Stadium Tickets start from: 500 baht in Chiang Mai / 1,500 baht in Bangkok
  3. Group lessons start from: 300 baht in Krabi / 480 baht in Bangkok
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