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              The hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand is famous for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, impressive wildlife and ornate Buddhist temples. Thais are proud of their heritage and their national sport. Watching or learning Muay Thai is an exciting way to experience Thai culture and learn more about the country’s customs.
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              Visit one of the world-famous boxing stadiums to get close to the action. Intense battles, unique dancing ceremonies, traditional music played by a live band, and a passionate crowd all combine to create an exciting atmosphere like no other. We are the authorised retailer for stadiums in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Each ticket is the official stadium ticket price with no extra fees.
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              A recent wave of 24-hour gyms shows there is a growing fitness craze in Thailand. But traditional Muay Thai gyms and classes remain as popular as ever as the training regimes and intensity are superior for both weight loss and all-round health.

              We have a network of over 100 Thai boxing gyms here and abroad. Our gyms cater to all abilities, including beginners and children. Most group classes run for 90 minutes and prices start from 400 baht. For the more serious athletes, training camps are a great way to find your focus in an awesome tropical destination. Search the most popular deals for private lessons here or group lessons here. Searching for classes or package deals by location or class type is also easy. Use the search and filter section on our Thailand page here.

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