An introduction to Muay Thai. Thailand’s favourite sport.

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        An Introduction to Muay Thai
        Thailand's Favourite Sport

        Stadium Tickets
        Stadium Tickets

        Watch a professional fight at a Thai stadium and gain a more authentic experience of Thai customs, superstitions and ceremonies. Fight nights are held several times a week at each location so there are plenty of opportunities to catch these supreme athletes in action and to witness the splendid.

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        Fitness & Training
        Fitness & Training

        Are you a curious first-timer, fitness junky or training to go pro? We have hundreds of partner gyms in our network that are popular with both Thais and tourists. From one-off lessons for beginners to training camps with accommodation, browse our website to find the right class for you.

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        Muay Thai Stadiums:
        A Unique Experience

        Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is the most popular combat sport in Thailand with its roots deeply embedded in the country’s heritage. Originating as far back as the 15th century, the martial art boasts a proud history which is connected to the military and royal throne.

        Muay Thai traditions and culture

        Get closer to Thai culture and traditions

        Watching professional fights at a stadium is an excellent way to experience Thai customs, superstitions and ceremonies in a traditional and vibrant setting. For centuries, Muay Thai fighters have sought good fortune and devised practices to keep the evil spirits at bay, and many of these rituals are carried out in the arena by the fighters. Initiations and rituals are often practised in the training camps too.

        Muay Thai pronunciation : By the way, if you’re struggling to pronounce Muay Thai, an easy way to remember is that it rhymes with “boy” and “bowtie”. So it’s similar to Moy Ty.

        Muay Thai fighting

        Pro fighters: Elite athletes in their prime

        Muay Thai’s popularity increased significantly on the international stage as a spectator sport in the second half of the 20th century. Thai fighters today are often recognised for their superior mental fortitude and elite physical fitness. Muay Thai bears some similarities to other sports in the field of mixed martial arts, with many fighters crossing between jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and even UFC (ultimate fighting).

        Muay Thai for beginners

        Muay Thai fitness class Thailand

        Great for fitness

        Muay Thai is fantastic for all-round fitness, strengthening your aerobic (heart and lung capacity) and non-aerobic (muscular strength and endurance) capacity.

        As most of the group classes for beginners in Thai gyms focus on fitness, they are great for weight-loss and conditioning but not so much for perfecting your technique. Therefore, if improving your technique or sparring in the ring is important to you, we suggest you search through the deals for private classes or training camps.

        The training can be intense and a typical Muay Thai session includes 30-45 minutes of exercise that will put you through your paces before even putting on the gloves. So, if you are not a regular exerciser, or are a smoker, you may want to take it a little easier at the start so you don’t tire yourself out before the fun part.

        For those who don’t usually participate in these types of exercises, delayed onset muscle soreness (as with any new sport) is inevitable.

        If you have any health concerns, particularly people with heart or back issues, you should consult your doctor and inform your trainer beforehand.

        Muay Thai classes for tourists Bangkok

        Muay Thai classes for tourists

        All of the gyms listed on our website cater to non-Thais, however English language abilities vary. For beginners, you may be surprised how much you can learn from the teachers with few English words spoken.

        Generally, group sessions are open to people of all abilities but we suggest contacting us or the gym in advance to notify us if any of the students are younger than 12 or you have any special requirements.

        Obviously, gyms are usually much busier out of office hours, when Thais take classes after work or on weekends.

        Muay Thai for kids Bangkok

        Muay Thai for kids. Family-friendly Muay Thai

        Muay Thai is popular with people of all ages and backgrounds, from age five to 65. It helps to improve discipline, mental focus, strength, agility, balance and coordination.

        A well-organised gym will offer specially designed workouts that are fun for people of all ages and skill levels. Several gyms promote classes that cater specifically to rugrats. Krudam Gym on Sukhumvit Soi 36 (near Thong Lor BTS), and RSM Academy, a chain located in a number of areas in Bangkok. 

        Is Muay Thai dangerous?

        Is Muay Thai dangerous?

        As with all sports, Muay Thai carries a certain amount of risk, but risks for beginners are minimal as classes focus on fitness and exercises in a controlled setting. You may experience one or two minor injuries, such as scrapes and bruises. Of course, the harder you push yourself, the easier it is to lose the correct technique and cause yourself more serious injury, but this shouldn’t be the case under the guidance of an experienced trainer. 

        Overview of class types and prices

        Group Classes (90 minutes)

        Most gyms put a limit on the number of people in a group class, but classes rarely get packed. For larger groups, the gym will add additional trainers and adapt the training methods. The optimum times to attend are during office hours when locals are at work. Group classes usually involve a lot of core body conditioning, shadow boxing, techniques on the bags, and combinations on the pads with the trainer.

        Private Muay Thai Training (90 minutes)

        Many gyms offer private lessons for one, two or three people. The best option for students seeking a personalised and dedicated one-one-one session is to pay for a private single lesson. For some, sharing a private lesson with one or two friends may be the preferred cost-saving option.

        Private sessions include many of the same warm-up exercises but the majority of the lesson will probably focus on combination work on the pads, one on one with the trainer.

        A typical group lesson structure includes :

        • Warm-up stretches – 5 mins
        • Jogging – 5 mins
        • Skipping – 5 mins
        • Core exercises (e.g. push-ups, planks, lunges) – 20 mins
        • Rest – 5 mins
        • Punch bag – 20 mins
        • Rest – 5 mins
        • Circuit training (20 mins); or (2) combinations on the pads with a trainer (3 x 3 mins with 3-min rest intervals)
        • Cool-down stretching – 5 mins

        Total – 90 Minutes

        Muay Thai Training Costs

        In Thailand, lessons typically run for 90 minutes. Gyms offer a range of prices which are mostly affected by the location and reputation of the gym.

        • Group : Prices range from 300 baht (US $9) in Chiang Rai (rural north) to 600 baht (US $21) for a gym in a trendy part of Bangkok.
        • Private Single : Prices range from 500 baht (US $17) in Chiang Rai (rural north) to 1,500 baht (US $50) for a gym in a trendy part of Bangkok.
        • Muay Thai camps : Check out our full guide to Muay Thai training camps, accommodation and visas here.

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