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        Business Partnerships

        Supported by Tourism Authority Thailand, our aim is to help promote the sport of Muay Thai and promote the benefits of fitness and joining the Muay Thai community. Our far-reaching network and close relationships with our partners mean we can provide up-to-date prices, promotions and ticket deals to customers.

        Partners with

        Why partner with

        • Thousands of customers from around the world visit our website every month. Our partnerships with hundreds of gyms and businesses, together with extensive Internet and digital media presence, means we attract a lot of traffic.
        • Our website is optimised to help Muay Thai students and tourists find the right course or tickets in the right neighbourhood, and therefore better promote the sport we love.
        • We present your business with a professional, user-friendly profile and provide a swift and secure booking process. All of this means we deliver the customers to you, with no extra effort for you.

        What you’ll receive

        • A dedicated profile page for your business with photos, videos and a Facebook feed - anything to help the customer gain a visual insight into your business (see KruDam for example)
        • Your classes/packages posted on your gym profile page and searchable by location
        • Customers can search for your gym/lessons:
          • On a map
          • By location (country and city)
          • By calendar date
          • By class type (private or group)
          • One time or package deal (e.g. 10 lessons, 1 month or 90 days plus visa and accommodation)
        • Customer service support provided by us. We manage the admin and sales process so you don’t have to.
        • Discounts for your gym members at our partner gyms (T&Cs apply).
        • A link to your website on our partnerships page and your profile page.
        What you’ll receive
        Further benefits to working with us

        Further benefits to working with us

        More traction

        Thousands of customers visit our website every month. Enquiries and bookings for your gym will be significantly increased!!!

        Analyse your customers’ behaviour

        Track your single transaction from your customers on the secure back end of our site, for free. Here you can log in and view reports and dashboards that are easy to understand and help you to understand the trends and interests of consumers that may benefit the growth of your business.

        On-going support

        You are not alone! We will support and assist you to do better - both with the booking processes and the marketing to increase prospect buyers.

        Ease of use

        We provide customer support 7 days a week. We’ll answer your customers' questions, manage the admin and handle any cancellations or changes to bookings. This means you can focus on what you do best.

        Muay Thai alliance

        The opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses on our platform. Exchange trainees, spar across gyms, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for sharing information, resources and ideas.

        Next steps : as easy as 1, 2, 3

        Step for being partners with

        1. Partner Sign Up

        Join the leading marketplace for Muay Thai gyms and events in Thailand and internationally. Register your interest using this form, or contact us

        Step for being partners with

        2. Verify & Collect Content

        Verify the terms and conditions. Once agreed, we will collect information about your gym, photos and videos to best represent your business and create the perfect profile.

        Step for being partners with

        3. Courses Available!

        Attract more customers and other great benefits. As soon as you’re ready, so are we. Your courses will be promoted to the world for our thousands of monthly visitors to see.

        Further partnership opportunities

        Below are some examples of the opportunities for increasing awareness about your business and cross promotion with We would love to talk to you to discuss opportunities to work together. To discuss partnerships, sponsorship, marketing or any other business opportunities, please call: +66 (0)909-899-779‬ for Thai and English

        Banner ads

        Clickable banner ads are popular forms of exposure for a partner brand. Header (728×90) and Skyscraper (160×600) banners are both available.

        Blogs / articles

        Do you have something to share? Championship trophies won? Tips on the perfect defence? Health or dietary tips? We welcome articles posted by our partners on our blog. We can post articles, videos and photos. A dedicated article can engage a target audience and provide a more detailed product description than that of a text link or banner ad. Other examples include: industry trends, market research, product releases or thought-leadership papers.

        Promotional page

        Do you have a special promotion or achievement you’d like to promote? We can feature you on the homepage of as Gym of the Month with a link to your news and profile page.


        Alongside providing Muay Thai community news, we will offer further opportunities for our partners to share their own news and deals in short articles with photos and video.

        Website link exchange

        You scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours. This is an opportunity to cross promote, to help direct traffic to one another’s website and enhance the community aspect of what we do. It can also be helpful to boost your Google ranking.

        Members area

        We have plans to develop more content for in website membership section to which our partnership clubs and their regular members will gain access. We welcome content and feature ideas for how to develop this section.

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