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        Question: How do I book a Muay Thai course?

        • Browse through Muay Thai classes using the filter to find lessons that fit your requirements.
        • Choose the date and time that you prefer, and then click “Book”. If you select a package that lasts a week, month or longer, your deal starts on the date you select here.
        • The payment page will show you the details of the course that you selected.
        • Click the “Checkout” button after filling your credit card details on the form.
        • You will receive the information of the course chosen via email. 

        Question: What is the difference between walking in to the gym/camp and booking a course through
        Answer: The lesson price is the same. However, booking through ensures you will receive all the information you need beforehand, that the gym is ready for you, and your payment is protected. 

        Question: How far in advance can I book a course?
        Answer: Booking a course needs to be done at least 12 to 48 hours in advance. The policy may vary between each gym or camp. 

        Question: Browse, confirm, then pay. What’s next?
        Answer: Once your booking is complete, we will send you an email as confirmation. Next, all you need to do is to show up at the gym at the right time with your gym kit, and enjoy!! They will provide the boxing gloves, hand wraps and other boxing facilities.

        Question: Why is my preferred Muay Thai gym/camp not listed on the website?
        Answer: If you would like to add your favourite Muay Thai gym/camp to our website, please contact us via email at or through our contact page at


        Question: How can I pay for the course?
        Answer: After you select the class and time that you want, you can pay on our platform using your credit card or through PayPal. 

        Question: Is the payment system secure?
        Answer: Absolutely. Yes. Our platform uses PayPal which assures that your information remains private and secure. 

        Question: What if I do not have PayPal account? Can I still use PayPal?
        Answer: Yes, you can pay through PayPal as a guest. After you click on the PayPal logo, there is an option for you either login to your PayPal account or simply checkout. 

        Question: What currency will be I charged in?
        Answer: You will be charged in Thai Baht. The rate will be determined by your local card issuer policy.


        Question: What is the cancellation policy?
        Answer: If, for whatever reason you are unable to attend your class, you can cancel the booking based on the following policies:

        • If you cancel more than 2 days (48 hours) before the start of the boxing class, you will receive a full refund minus 4% of the initial transaction price of the booking.
        • If you cancel less than 2 days (48 hours) before the start of the boxing class or fail to turn up to class without notifying, you will not receive a refund.
        • Please contact for any booking cancellation at

        N.B. While we will always seek to follow the cancellation policy, some service providers (gyms/stadiums) may have their own cancellation policy. In such cases, the terms will be clearly stated on the page for that service provider. This will then be the principle cancellation policy adopted by


        Question: How can I join
        Answer: There are 2 ways to sign up with us:

        1. Sign up by email:
        • Go to the top right-hand corner and click “Sign up”
        • Fill in your information and click the “Sign up” button
        • That's it, you're a member!
        1. Sign up by social media:
        • Go to the top right corner and click “Sign in”
        • Choose between “Sign in with Facebook” or “Sign in with Google” and then click on the button
        • You will be directed to the social media login page to confirm your login with the social media network that you have chosen.
        • That's it, you're a member!

        More questions?
        Please contact us via email at or our contact page at


        Question: What advice do you have about visas for Thailand?

        OPTION 1: Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme – 30 days

        Nationals of over 40 countries are eligible to travel to Thailand, for tourism purposes, without applying for a visa beforehand. They will receive a visa stamp at immigration on arrival and are permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days.

        Note: Please make sure you are in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months, a departure flight ticket, and adequate finances equivalent to at least 10,000 baht per person. The list of the 41 countries can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand’s website (

        Anyone who enters Thailand under this tourist visa exemption scheme may exit and re-enter and stay in Thailand for a cumulative duration not exceeding 90 days within a 6-month period from the date of first entry.

        OPTION 2: Applying for a visa before arriving in Thailand – 90 days

        For tourists who wish to stay in Thailand for longer without leaving the country, there is a 3-month tourist visa option. Visit a Thai consulate/embassy abroad (e.g. in your home country or one of Thailand’s neighbours) and apply for a 2-month tourist visa. Processing may take one or two days.

        Before the 60-day visa expires, visit one of the three Thai immigration bureaus to apply for the 30-day visa extension. The extension costs 1,900 baht and will allow you to extend your stay for 30 days by visiting immigration (Chaeng Wattana – Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket).

        Note: Visa extensions can be completed in Thailand but it differs for each nationality. Changes to visa rules can happen at any time. It is important for guests to be aware of visa regulation updates. Check the Thai immigration website for the details of what you need. Before you go, it’s best to print your TM7 application form, passport photocopy and take 2 passport photos. Aim to get there early in the morning before the offices open and prepare to spend half a day or longer to be processed.

        OPTION 3: Non-immigrant "ED" Education Visa – 3-12 months

        An education (ED) visa is the ideal way to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time without the need to do visa runs. The ED visa is a student visa for people who would like to study in Thailand. This includes: languages, university courses and even Muay Thai training camps. The length of the visa ranges from 3 months to 1 year (depending on the programme). 

        This is a 5-step process:

        Step 1: MTOK registration and deposit

        Please request a pre-registration form by emailing A processing fee of 500 baht (approx. US $15) is required. This covers admin fees and the postage/packaging of your approval letter from the Ministry of Education (MOE). You will receive a reference number by email. 

        Step 2: MOE application form

        Download the application form, complete it and email it together with the required documents below. Please include the reference number you received in step 1 in the subject of your email.

        Required documents

        1. Application form (8 pages)
        2. A photocopy/scan of your passport, including the main profile page and all used pages. Please sign every page.
        3. Passport photo (3 x 4 cm) - Either a digital photo .JPEG (by e-mail) or 10 photos by post – note: the person in the photo must be wearing a collared shirt - no tank tops or T-shirts
        4. Police check certified (*for Middle Eastern and African nationals)

        Alternatively, you can post the above application documents or hand deliver them to our offices at: TMES, 43 Thai CC Tower, 24th floor, Unit 240 Sathorn Road Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120


        • We will confirm the receipt of your registration and our application to the Ministry of Education on your behalf by email within 2-3 days.
        • The Ministry of Education letter of approval takes about 2 to 3 weeks to be processed.

         Step 3: MOE approval letter issued

        • Once it’s ready, the Ministry of Education (MOE) approval letter and school licence will be posted to the mailing address you provided in step 1.
        • We will e-mail you with a confirmation that it is on its way together with a new code that you will need to enter on the website to pay for the

        Step 4: Visa application

        Apply for a Non-immigrant “ED” at Thai embassy or Thai consulate abroad.

        • Take all of the aforementioned documents to a Thai embassy or consulate. You must be out of the country to do this. This can be your home country or the Thai consulate in a neighbouring country (for example: Laos (Vientiane), Malaysia (Penang), Vietnam (Ho Chi Min).
        • Please confirm with the consulate staff that it is a Non-Immigrant category “ED” that you are applying for. The fee to pay at the consulate will be the local equivalent of THB 1,900.
        • Normally, you will receive a single-entry visa in your passport.
        • The single-entry non-immigrant visa must be used by entering Thailand within 90 days from the visa issue date.

        Step 5: Enter Thailand

        • The Non-ED visa stamp you receive at immigration on entry into Thailand will be for 90 days.
        • Please bring your passport and departure card (TM 6) to the school within 1 week in order to request the 2nd letter from MOE for the visa to be extended to the full 6, 9 or 12 months. 
        • Do not forget to bring your TM6 Departure Card.

        OPTION 4: Extending your tourist visa by 30 days – border runs/visa runs

        Many guests who wish to stay in Thailand for longer than their 30-day visa decide to do a border run (a mini bus to immigration on the country border) to extend their visa for their stay in Thailand. Several local companies offer 1-day trips to Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Laos. The cost of the mini-bus shouldn’t exceed 2,000 baht.


        Apart from extending your visa, you are required to report your address to Immigration every 90 days in Thailand.

        This not a visa extension.

        If you haven’t left the country during your first 90 days, your first visa extension and 90 days reporting will coincide. You will then have the convenience of settling both matters at Immigration on the same day.

        Subsequently, your 90 days reporting will no longer coincide with your visa extensions. However, the good news is, you do not need to do the 90 days report in person. You can pay an agent to do it for you, or do it online if the website works.

        The window for reporting online is from 15 days before, down until 7 days before your actual report date. The window for reporting at an immigration office is from 15 days before, down until 7 days after your actual report date. IF you file a 90 day report more than 7 days after the report date, you will be fined 2,000 baht.


        Remember to apply for a re-entry permit if you plan to leave Thailand while on the ED visa. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your ED visa upon re-entering Thailand.

        The cost is 1,000 baht for single use, or 3,800 baht for a multiple re-entry permit.

        The re-entry permit can be obtained either at Immigration or at the airport (both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang).

        Having a re-entry permit DOES NOT exempt you from your visa extensions. You must come back to Thailand in time for your extension or your ED visa will be revoked once past the extension date.

        A re-entry permit is ONLY valid as long as your current “extension of stay” stamp is valid for.

        Leaving thailand with a re-entry permit will keep your current extension of stay “alive”. When you re-enter thailand you will be stamped in for the same “admitted until date” as your extension of stay.

        The countdown for filing your 90 day report resets every time you re-enter Thailand. Your next 90 day report will be due 89 days from the date you enter thailand because they count the day you enter as day 1.

        DO NOT throw out your old receipt of filing a 90 day report (even though the due date of your next report is wrong). Keep it and turn it in along with the TM.47 90 days reporting form when you file your next 90 day report.


        Question: What are the benefits to booking with


        1. Ticket prices
        The prices match the prices of the gyms and stadiums on our site.
        2. Discounts
        Keep an eye out for our discounts and exclusive offers across the website. These prices usually beat the prices you'd pay at the gym.
        3. Ease of service
        - Not all of our partners have websites, online reservations or provide services in your language. We do.
        - Our website is easier to navigate, find the information you need and compare prices, locations and facilities.
        4. Bookings
        - We provide an option for to add special requirements to your booking (e.g. children under 12 or health issues). The gym will be notified of these requirements so they can make sure the trainer/facilities meet your needs.
        - If you have any questions relating to your booking, you can contact us and we will reply promptly.
        - We provide a full refund minus credit card fees if you cancel more than 48 hours before the date of the gym class or fight night - terms and conditions apply.
        5. Insurance
        As required by Thai law, tour operators like must take out basic insurance to cover our customers against injuries. You can view our official certificates here:
        - Tourism Business Licence
        - Travel Accident Insurance for Tour Operators and Guides

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