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        Gold medal winner at the South East Asia Games

        Monday to Sunday

        10:00 - 19:30

        1. Classes typically last 90 minutes
        2. Group class sizes vary depending on the hour of the day. We add more teachers as the class size increases to ensure you receive a full workout.
        from 21 reviews


        Group Muay Thai Classes | Private Lessons | Training Camps | Modern, Spacious Gym

        The gym is owned by Dam Srichan, the only Thai world-class athlete chosen to serve the country for five different sport categories including Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, karate and taekwondo. Kru Dam won many medals across all disciplines and gold in Muay Thai and boxing at the South East Asia Games. At the end of an illustrious career in the ring, and equipped with incredible experience and a great variety of fighting skills, he founded a Muay Thai school and designed his own curriculum which became well regarded and officially supported by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.

        Krudam Gym, Bangkok
        Krudam Gym, Bangkok


        • Mon-Sun (90 mins): 9.00, 10.30, 13.00, 14.30, 16.00, 17.30, 19.00
        • Mon-Fri only: 20.30


        • 10 private lessons
        • Private training: 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks (with or without accommodation)
        • Group training: 1 week or 1 month (with or without accommodation)


        Private lesson with gold medalist, Dam Srichan

        * Only bookable through


        • Gloves, hand wraps and training equipment provided
        • Bring your own towel and gym clothes (no shoes/trainers required)
        • Modern showers and toilets
        • Shop with Muay Thai clothing and gear
        • Water bottles can be purchased from reception

        Official Partner and Ticket Prices

        Backed by Tourism Authority Thailand and Sports Authority Thailand, we are the official ticket retailer for Muay Thai gyms and stadiums in Thailand. The prices here are the official Krudam Gym prices with no added fees. 

        Krudam Gym, Bangkok

        Branch Addresses

        • Krudam Vacharapol 999 Soi Ram Intra 55/8, Tha Raeng, Bang Khen, Bangkok
        • Krudam Sukhumvit 67 Soi Sukhumvit 36, Sukhumvit Rd., Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok
        • Krudam Ratburana 608, The 88 Rajburana, Ratburana Road, Ratburana sub-district, Ratburaba district, Bangkok 10140

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        What Customers are Saying

        from 21 reviews

        "Private lessons"

        I would recommend this gym to anyone that would like to train Muay Thai, do not worry about your skill level. The staff can train you at the beginning stage as the same as me. I had no experience about Muay Thai at all. The trainers will help you to understand how to move thing, especially powerful high kick. The location of this gym is pretty good, it’s located at Sukhumvit 36 (city centre). Recommended!

        "Wonderful Experience"

        All the trainers are professional who are willing to teach you on Muay Thai. The atmosphere is also my love one; friendly, efforts and classmates!!! The training program is not so tough, you can choose what techniques you want to focus. One of the trainers accompanied me to the convenient store when we need to get energy drinks.

        "Exceptional Value"

        Been practicing Muay Thai more than 2 years and trying many gyms in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Pattaya. I think the best gym that you can gain techniques and friends is Krudamgym. The owner of this gym is Kru Dam who had a lot of experiences on fighting. He can give you a lot of techniques and developing area of your weakness.

        "Reasonable price!"

        It's my first time on Muaythai, so nervous. The time passed too slow, I ran out of energy twice!! The price of this course was valued.

        "First experience at Krudam gym"

        It was my first time to practise Muay Thai at Krudam gym. I felt impressed with the gym's location, convenient parking and trainer professionalism. The place is beautiful, large and the trainer took a good care of us especially Krudam who monitored and took care of us during training session. I will surely come back to this gym again soon.

        "It's worth"

        This gym is not too far. The trainers are also friendly. I'm really like this gym.


        It's so fantastic. I learnt several techniques from the trainer.

        "Best location"

        The location's pretty good which is located in the center of Sukhumvit. All staffs are friendly even though some of them couldn't speak English, I still love them all anyway. Trainers won't keep any secret on you, especially the real techniques that need to use on the arena.

        "Love MuayThai"

        The best profressional Muay Thai training cross Personal train / group trainer . reasonable price Perfect management and handleling Love Thailand Love MuayThai


        Professional and good friendly atmosphere!

        "Great Time"

        Instructors are great and very attentive to the children's group needs


        The friendliest MuayThai playground in the city!!!

        "Best Gym"

        The best workout I have ever had in a Muay Thai center in Bangkok!

        "Best experience"

        Best Muay Thai experience I had so far. Plenty of professional trainers. Each training is different planned. Will go there definitely again next year to try the 1-1 training.




        Great atmosphere! Trainers took care closely. This gym is the best ever!

        "Friendly environment"

        Very friendly for all trainers. Lots of friends around.


        Ultimately any training results are about how hard you can push yourself. I have trained at Krudam gym on several different locations. The trainer in here is a great coach and if you can train here, I am sure you could learn a lot :)


        I spent a month here and really enjoyed my time from day one. Krudam is a former champion and the rest of the staff are spot on. Training is intense yet it is fun and enjoyable.The food is pretty good and healthy. Rooms a sparse but adequate. I have found a sport that I really enjoy thanks to Krudam and all the staff!

        "So friendly!"

        The friendliest MuayThai playground in the city!!!

        "Professional & Friendly"

        Professional & Friendly Mauy Thai Training ( Personal & Group Class ) from experienced coach from their personal boxing experiences Enjoy the atmosphere & Thai box here where you've never found where else

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