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        1. Classes typically last 90 minutes
        2. Group class sizes vary depending on the hour of the day. We add more teachers as the class size increases to ensure you receive a full workout.
        from 8 reviews


        Attachai, known in Thailand as the “Left hand from god” possesses superior fight intelligence and Muaythai techniques. Attachai uses all the weapons of Muay Thai with precise and well thought out techniques, displaying poise and balance throughout his fights. Holding a professional fight record of 200 fights, 180 wins, 15 lost and 5 draws. Champion to Lumpinee Super-Bantamweight and World Muay Thai Professional Lightweight Champion. He was awarded consecutive two years’ winner of “The Best Muay Thai Fighter of Lumpini Stadium” in year 1997 and 1998.


        Branch Addresses

        • Attachai 900 Soi On Nut 36, Suan Luang, Suan Luang Bangkok

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        What Customers are Saying

        from 8 reviews

        "Good training"

        I am kind of feeling bad to give only three points because Attachai was completely ok place to train. But among the about 15 gyms I have visited it was in my opinion somewhere in the middle.I trained there about one week 1-2 times a day. Sessions start with running followed by at least 12 minutes of skipping which seemed to be a bit much for most people, also for me. It took a bit too much energy out of the main part of the training. Padwork was good but the trainers didn't correct mistakes as they do in some other gyms that I have given higher score. After that we did some sparring and/or clinching. Sometimes some of trainers joined as well which was nice. One thing I didn't like was that when the group was small which was often the case in the morning Attachai didn't show up but was sleeping at his office. And I would have wanted a bit more technical instruction either during the padwork or as a separate technique part.


        This gym is honestly hands down the best gym I’ve been to in Bangkok (not knocking any other gym). Each gym is good in its own right but Attachai Gym was for me... Very friendly people and trainers. Extremely patient and willing to help at all costs. I’ve trained Muay Thai for around 10 years but when I train at Attachai gym I learn so many new tricks n techniques that I’ve never seen before. Walk in classes r amazing as well as the private sessions with Kru Attachai. Equipments is provided if u haven’t bought yours. Prices r very cheap considering the amazing training and private lessons r cheap considering Kru Attachai is one off the best fights x2 Lumpini Champion and teacher. DON’T MISS OUT...IF U LOVE MUAY THAI U WILL LOVE THIS GYM...

        "Great Gym"

        Such a great Gym, Always ready to take any level of training with smiles from All the trainers and the Gym is off the main streets near a small lake such a pleasent place!

        "Best place on the planet"

        I have just left and I made friends for life at this gym! The whole team are 20 trainers the gym is paradise the apartment is 5min walk from great food and the gym is even closer! I recommend 1month. Can’t wait to go back!

        "Fantastic Muay Thai Gym"

        This is a fantastic Muay Thai Gym & Camp! Great atmosphere, excellent training, positive spirit, cool mix of people, beautiful surroundings. I'm coming back whenever I can, for weekends or 10 days+ if possible. I can really recommend it, both to fighters looking for professional training as well as families or beginners trying out this sport for the first time

        "Good experience with Muay Thai"

        I just came back from a week of training there. Highly recommend. It’s great place to train as it’s away from the hustle in Bangkok. Trainers are all excellent and all the staff are down to earth. Training was a little tough but you’ll have lots of fun there. Not jam packed as other places so you get the attention you need from the trainers. They adjust it to your level. Accommodation was clean. Overall no complaints. Can’t wait to go back again.

        "Great first time Muay Thai training and fighting experience"

        Great first time Muay Thai training and fighting experience. Was not sure if I would be a fit since I am not training to fight professionally and I was staying 1.5 hours away but decided I wanted to train in a real gym and so glad I picked Attachai. It’s a small gym focused on perfecting your skills and they take a genuine interest in training you to the best of your ability and even push you to achieve a little bit past. Highly recommend the private lesson with Attachai. I had a great workout, learned a lot about basics and combinations and built a good foundation to build from. Even if you are an experienced fighter and want someone who will improve your skills and take you to the next lesson this is your place, as I met a number of fighters who are training for their next fight one guy was training for 4 years and preparing for his next fight. Thanks Attachai for a great training session.

        "Great experience"

        I had a great experience at the gym. The trainers are really good. It’s is definetly worth going to if your interested in Muay Thai or general conditioning.

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