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MUAY THAI is well known around the world as a combat sport that also has a number of benefits for health and self-defence. It's fantastic for increasing agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, but also helps to build character and personality, as well as decrease stress.

The Gym:

At South Side Muay Thai Gym, we offer a range of training options: from increasing health and fitness, to improving martial arts techniques for beginners, all the way up to advanced skills for professional fighters. The training programmes vary depending on the customer's level of experience and ability, and our trainers will pay close attention to every customer. Each of our classes is limited to 10 people, and is overseen by one trainer to ensure that every student receives adequate support.

Take your training to the next level. Learn something new. Try your best and always have fun. Anyone can learn!


  • Learn to move like a fighter
  • Train with highly experienced trainers
  • Learn the techniques of Muay Thai
  • Good facilities
  • Convenient location in the city centre

Training Section Outline

Training Guideline (It is up to your skills)

  1. First 15 mins -- Wrapping hands and warm up by, running, skipping, stretching and then exercises (sit ups, planks and legs raises)
  2. Short break
  3. Shadow Boxing - combinations in the mirror (punches, kicks, knees and elbows) approximately 15 mins
  4. Short break
  5. Combinations on punching and kicking bags approximately 15 mins
  6. Short break
  7. One-on-one pad-work with trainer approximately 15-20 mins
  8. Cool down with stretching and conditioning approximately 10 mins

What's included

  • No contracts
  • No strings attached
  • Taxed included
  • Full access to facilities


2 reviews

"Must try"

By far the best Muay Thai gym in the city. Great environment for people at all levels (beginners - competitors). The team there helps you with a unique training plan for you to help you develop in the areas you need. Over the last year I have increased my strength, technique, power and lost weight in the process. Would highly recommend this gym to anyone!!


Southside is the best gym around town because of how friendly and talented our staff and instructors are. From day 1 they make you feel like you are a part of the team and with that mentality you can go anywhere because they will always have your back. This gym will push you to your limits and get you into the best shape of your life in all aspects, whether it be physically, spiritually, etc. It will also help you realise there are no limits, only plateaus that we must stand atop... ( bruce lee )

Southside Muay Thai Academy


Enjoy and take a look around and begin your journey in fitness and martial arts growth through Muay Thai!

Southside Muay Thai Academy, 2065 Midland ave. Unit 2, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1P 4P8

$18 Per Person

Per Person

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