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        Monday to Sunday

        08:00 - 18:00

        1. Classes typically last 90 minutes
        2. Group class sizes vary depending on the hour of the day. We add more teachers as the class size increases to ensure you receive a full workout.
        from 18 reviews


        Honour Gym, was started for the love of the sport, Muay Thai. This shall carry on by giving the opportunity for fighters from around the world to enjoy the sport and having the perfect setting to achieve the high volume of training to become a fighter and compete in this wonderful sport.

        Honour Muay Thai Gym

        Branch Addresses

        • Honour Muay Thai Gym 905 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi, Krabi

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        What Customers are Saying

        from 18 reviews


        Just Finnished 2 weeks training at Honour Muay Thai, absolutely loved it.. Howard and the guys did a great job in introducing me to Muay Thai, having had a little boxing knowledge, they helped improved my technical ability, fitness and taught me loads with well structured sessions....good patience and understanding for first timers... Hope to come back again!!

        "Definitely recommend"

        Probably one of the best experiences in my life! The atmosphere at the gym is amazing, like a family with a big passion for Muay Thai. The trainings are intense but you really get tangible results even just in few days. I cant thank Howard enough for making me feel so welcome and special as a fighting lady! Last but not least, Goy's food is simply delicious! I would definitely recommend this gym and coming back asap!!

        "Great gym"

        Honour Muay Thai is great gym. Trainers and high class and friendly. I stayed for month and will be comong back for sure. Howard and Goy made the transition to living in Thailand as easy as possible and i enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recomend this gym for beginners all the way to pro's. Thank you for everything! Oh and foods great !

        "Very nice"

        Its Banging!!! Glad I finally got myself here. Nice to se what Howard and Goy have built. If you like Thai Boxing, you will love Honour Muay Thai!!

        "The best Muay Thai gym in ao nang"

        The best Muay Thai gym in ao nang i love it. เป็นที่สอนเล่นมวยไทยที่ดีที่สุดในอ่าวนางสอนดีบริการเยี่ยมใครอยากผอมอยากเฟิร์มมาเลยค่ะ Honour Muay Thai ค่ะ

        "I would recommend this gym to anyone"

        Was a sponsored fighter at Honour Muay Thai for 8weeks... I cant say enough good things about the place. The whole experience from the gym, training, food, accomodation! It was everything I expected and more! The atmosphere at the gym was amazing. I cant thank Howard enough for giving me the opportunity and then making me feel so welcome! I would recommend this gym to anyone.

        "Fantastic experience"

        During our holiday we wanted to take some Muay Thai lessons. We are a family with two boys (17 and 14 yrs). I contacted a few gyms, but decided to go for Honour Muay Thai because of the responsiveness and because they understood what we wanted. We were inexperienced in Muay Thai so they offered us a few 1 hour lessons. It was a fantastic experience and we really enjoyed every minute of the training. The enthusiasm, the skills, the patience and the humor of the trainers was fantastic. We learned so many different techniques during the sessions and for us it was a great first acquaintance with Muay Thai. Many thanks and the boys want to come back soon

        "Fantastic gym and trainers"

        Fantastic gym and trainers. Super friendly and inclusive environment.They really care that your technique is improving and in just two sessions I've received more advice than in two weeks in other gyms. I'm a beginner but some of the people there seem very seasoned and it certainly seems suitable for all levels.

        "Great Muay Thai camp"

        Great location for a great Muay Thai camp.if you want to be a fighter join Honour Muay Thai in Krabi and your dream will become true!

        "Great gym"

        Great gym, fantastic owner, fantastic trainers. Great experience all round

        "Awesome experience"

        Best experience of my life spending 1 month living and training at Honour Muay Thai gym. World class training from expert muay thai trainers, and regardless if you are a professional fighter or a beginner you will receive the same amount of attention and guidance. I personally have learnt more in 1 month then I would learn in 1 year at a gym back home. If you listen to the trainers and owner you will be amazed at your results whether its to prepare for a fight or lose weight and get fit. The owner howard has a heart of gold and has a great sense of humour which makes everyone at the camp feel welcome and like a family. His wife goy is an amazing cook also. Huge thanks to them and the trainers Loy, Chainoy and Klang, all who have become great friends of mine aswell. Miss the place already and cant wait to be back, cant recommend this place enough! An amazing, very affordable & awesome experience

        "I will come back to the camp"

        I stayed for a month at Honour Muay Thai in Ao Nang and its one of the best thing that happened to me. I came as a total begginer in Muay Thai or any combat sport and left as addicted to Muay Thai and willing to have a fight. Im counting the days till i will come back to the camp and train every day as i used too there. The staff, Howard and Goi the owners, and the trainers Chainoi ,Klang and Loi are absolutely lovely people. You really feel as a part of the family as soon as you step there. All kind of fighters come there for training and there is no difference with everybody just that the training are a bit shaped differentely to you level. The accomodation and the food on the camp were amazing. The trainers are focusing on each student to get good technique. You can really improve fast there. I would recommend to everybody this gym.

        "Very good"

        Très très bon camp avec des entraîneurs d’expérience , une superbe ambiance .Je le recommande à toute personne voulant pratiquer le muay thai

        "Very good and technical trainers"

        Great experience and very good and technical trainers who take their time to learn you proper muay thai from scratch. If the gym is not very crowded you get great feedback not only from your padman but as well when you do your shadowboxing and bagwork. A tip is if you are serious about your training, make sure you prepare yourself by doing some solid roadwork before you come here.

        "Fantastic place to train"

        Fantastic place to train. Actually extended my stay in Ao Nang just to be able to stay and train here. All of the trainers are just wonderful and describes very detailed and educational of what/how you should change to improve your skills. Dramatically improved my muay thai skills during my stay, and would definitely recommend a few days of two sessions per day if you are in the Krabi area!

        "Perfect service"

        Perfect service; Nice People; They really want to help you getting better;

        "Great muay thay camp"

        Great muay thay camp I've ever seen, really good experience for me... Unbelievable for sure


        The training, the people, the food and the location are all amazing, would definitely recommend.

        Muay Thai OK

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