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Monday to Saturday

08:00 - 18:00



  1. Classes typically last 90 minutes
  2. Group class sizes vary depending on the hour of the day. We add more teachers as the class size increases to ensure you receive a full workout.


CMT Muay Thai school is located in Phuket, the attractive city of Thailand. Thai owners, who have passion in Muay Thai, founded the school. We are proud to continue Thai traditional sport. The school specializes in teaching Muay Thai, and provide classes for every level (basic, intermediate, advanced). Training sessions are various such as Muay Thai clinch, outdoor training, Wai kru(the ritual performance before the competition), special techniques from former boxer trainers, etc. The staff welcome everyone to join and to enjoy authentic Muay Thai or Thai boxing experience. The school also issues a certificate, on behalf of the ministry of education of Thailand, after completion of course.

CMT School - Phuket
CMT School - Phuket

Class times

  • Mon-Sat: 8.00-10.00, 16.00-18.00

Package deals available

  • Daily pass
  • Weekly pass
  • Group training: 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month (with or without accommodation)

Exclusive offers*

  • Ed-visa course plus accommodation and meal plan

Onsite facilities / additional information

  • Gloves, hand wraps and training equipment provided
  • Bring your own towel and gym clothes (no shoes/trainers required)
  • Showers and toilets
  • Special training sessions along the beautiful beach
  • Wide-range accommodations
CMT School - Phuket

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