Group - 5 Lessons @ Cong Carter, Hua Hin

The Cong Carter Muay Thai resort traning camp is a legitimate Thai boxing experience where you can learn Muay Thai boxing, its located in a  beautiful area within the mountains connected with Thailand.

$ 62/person
(14) reviews
Hua Hin
1 hours
5 Time


Boxing arena
Boxing gloves
Cafe shop
Changing room
Clothes shop
Shower room
$ 62 per person


The Cong Carter Muay Thai resort traning camp is a legitimate Thai boxing experience where you can learn Muay Thai boxing, its located in a  beautiful area within the mountains connected with Thailand. Study classic Muay Thai methods inside our ‘Mountain’ Muay Thai fitness centre. Our Thai boxing camp delivers fantastic real Muay Thai boxing coaching to professional fighters, Thai boxing fans & travelers coming to Thailand.

Our Thai boxing college offers intensive coaching even though retaining the open up and also friendly environment. Furthermore, everybody which sessions our muay thai boxing  fitness center could train together.. Our trainers are usually truly fervent regarding Thai boxing coaching and it our own intent to share legitimate Thai boxing boxing methods.

The particular Muay Thai instruction proposed by Cong Carter Muay Thai Resort matches just about all degrees of Thai boxing students 1st time visiting by means of Thailand as well as master Muay Thai mma star, male or female, youthful along with older. Your Muay Thai camping in Thailand is perfect for individuals seeking an regular Muay Thai instruction practical knowledge within the enjoyable setting.


  • Training with real professionals
  • Top trainers can help you optimise Muay Thai techniques
  • There are two styles which are old Muay Thai and new Muay Thai
  • Beautiful area within the mountains
  • Scenery City

Training Session Outline

  • The training course starts with jogging, or skipping piece of string moving.
  • After that you will: warm-up, darkness boxing, carrier operate, pad operate, belt operate
  • Clinch approaches, sparring, physical workout routines
  • Definately will finish working out with stretching.

Most Recent Review of This Gym.

from 26 reviews

Very nice gym

Very nice gym, can train all level, beginners from pro. Room and food are good. Not far from center town, easy road 10 - 15 minutes by motorbike.

Yoann B
Yoann B. | 5 Apr 2018

It's great

Training was great best pad man I have came across in Thailand he pushed me to limit and showed where I was going wrong .friendly people in the gym who gave me a few pointers what more can you ask from a gym.

Paul B
Paul B. | 5 Apr 2018

The Best thaiboxing in Hua Hin

The Best thaiboxing in Hua Hin

Lisa F
Lisa F. | 5 Nov 2017

The best Muay Thai Gym in Hua Hin

The best Muay Thai Gym in Hua Hin.

Nongyao G
Nongyao G. | 5 Nov 2017


Hej gamle dreng det se godt ud

Find M
Find M. | 5 Nov 2017

Super good place

Det er et super godt sted Med rigtige gode mænsker

Dennis K
Dennis K. | 5 Nov 2017


Интересно!!! Спорт-это жизнь!!!

Oxana S
Oxana S. | 5 Nov 2017

Fedt sted

Fedt sted

Michael J
Michael J. | 5 Nov 2017


Bra stämning och grymt bra instruktörer!

Mikael M
Mikael M. | 5 Nov 2017

Super fællesskab

Super fællesskab, gode trænere, gode træningsfaciliteter - intet mindre end 5 af de gode herfra!

Patrick E
Patrick E. | 5 Nov 2017

Super sted

Super sted. Super atmosfære :) - og 500 m der fra ligger et fantastisk spisested

Elsebeth A
Elsebeth A. | 5 Nov 2017

Best Place In Hua Hin.

Best Place In Hua Hin.

Lancelot C
Lancelot C. | 5 Nov 2017

Best place in hua hin!!

Best place in hua hin!!

Ashkan P
Ashkan P. | 5 Nov 2017

Paradise in Muay Thai Land

Paradise in Muay Thai Land

Abdennis D
Abdennis D. | 5 Nov 2017

Great gym in huahin

great gym in huahin

Thassaneeya J
Thassaneeya J. | 5 Nov 2017

The best Muay Thai Gym

The best Muay Thai Gym in Hua Hin, Thailand. Great people, nice gym and top training. \m/

Mirza B
Mirza B. | 5 Nov 2017

Great trainers and staff!

Have been training her on/off for 7 months now. Great trainers and staff!

Jacob W
Jacob W. | 5 Nov 2017

The best

The best cong carter muay thai gym love it

Kanoknan S
Kanoknan S. | 5 Nov 2017


Best box ever

Ingela T
Ingela T. | 5 Nov 2017

The best gym in hua hin

The best gym in hua hin also Staff good service . My boyfreind like there training over there. Good company.

Wanphen R
Wanphen R. | 5 Nov 2017

A really nice gym!

You learn a lot and you are surrounded by great people. Worth a visit !!

Camilla J
Camilla J. | 5 Nov 2017


Down to earth training camp, able to take in people that are new to the sport, but also provide advanced training for the more experienced. There are always something going on, which makes the place feel more lively.

Jonas C
Jonas C. | 5 Nov 2017

Great experience!

Great experience!

Mark B
Mark B. | 5 Nov 2017

100% recommending rattachai

Very friendly and accommodating, I have trained in gyms all over the place and this is one of the best would 100% recommend

Billy C
Billy C. | 5 Nov 2017

Busy classes

The training class were great workout and mixed it up nicely. The Muay Thai classes were again large groups but you did get the chance to work with a trainer for some of the time. good training anyway

Sander S
Sander S. | 4 Nov 2017

Best experience ever

It was a beginner's class, I felt like I was living a childhood dream! The instructors were excellent, professional, and made the learning atmosphere enjoyable. An amazing experience!

Paul S
Paul S. | 5 Nov 2017

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