1 Group Lesson on Phuket @ Siam Muay Thai (Island) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        1 Group Lesson on Phuket @ Siam Muay Thai (Island)

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        Siam MuayThai MMA Academy was born from the hearts and spirit of like-minded people in Phuket and Bangkok. We came together with a shared vision and determination to create a successful MuayThai academy based on sound traditions and principles with the hope of developing a community-based project that is open to all: locals and foreigners.

        MuayThai is steeped in Thai tradition and culture. Not only does it benefit the local Thai communities in Phuket and Thailand but the sport is a platform for sharing our culture internationally, learning from others' experiences and teaching those who join us the Thai discipline and lifestyle of MuayThai.

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        • Get a taste of the ancient art of Muay Thai
        • Work with experienced trainers to learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai
        • Get at great work out! Muay Thai provides an excellent work out at all levels, combining cardio fitness with strength and conditioning training.
        • Large bag area
        • Excellent training facilities
        • Accomodation on-site
        • Friendly, English instructors

        Training Section Outline

        • Ab work, (sit ups and push ups)
        • Running
        • Stretching
        • Pad work
        • MuayThai Techniques
        • Shadowboxing
        • Close clinch work
        • Sparring
        • Heavy bag work kicking and punching
        • Physical conditioning

        What's included

        • Full use of fitness facilities for a day



        "Love this place"

        My friends and I love this place ! The facility is beautiful and clean with not only the training gym, but places to stay, relax and enjoy the café. The trainers are friendly and push you to reach your goals and go past what you think you can do physically . I will be excited for the next few days I get to train and will be back for more soon !!!

        "Thank you Siam Muay Thai"

        Thank you Siam Muay Thai for looking after me during my stay in Phuket! The facilities are great and the trainers are fantastic. Everyone is welcoming and very kind. A special thanks to my trainer Pot and Ann, looking after me at training and during my fight. See you all very soon!

        "It's a great place"

        It's a great place to take your mind of everything, and train all day; the facilities are very good and have the necessary equipments, all the staff is very friendly and helpful.

        "This place is incredible!"

        This place is incredible! This has been my first Muay Thai training experience, and it has been so excellent. The trainers themselves are such great, fun people, and definitely know their stuff. I would have never thought I would have taken up Muay Thai, but this facility, and all the people involved encourages and empowers you. I am definitely coming back to train the next time I am in Phuket!

        "Friendly and hospitable staff"

        This boxing camp is in a really convenient location and what impressed me was the friendly and hospitable staff and the clean and organised facilities on offer. This place is great for working out and for beginners like myself. The coaches all are knowledgeable and experienced and would recommend it to anyone. ✔✔

        "The trainers are professional"

        I have been attending Siam Muay Thai now for 8 months and absolutely loving it. The trainers are professional, welcoming and patient but also manage to make it great fun. The gym is cool and clean and extremely well equipped. I have met so many wonderful people since joining and would recommend Siam Muay Thai to anyone regardless of their age or level.

        "Really awesome"

        I took my first lesson and found out this training is really awesome. The trainers are really professional, implement and supported ( also he was funny! He didnt made me feel nervous in my first training ). Environment was nice too as it use to be the old butterfly farm so you can see greeny... pond...natural around. ** i would love to recommend to all friends and envourage them to come!

        "Highly recommendedl"

        I have been training muaythai boxing here for the last 6 months, and i enjoyed it a lot! It is so much fun, and its a real good way to get fit and exercise, good for cardio work out. The place is very clean, staff are very friendly and helpful. The coaches are great! Most of all, i love it because it is very affordable. Highly recommendedl

        "Great and friendly"

        I trained there for a couple of months and I had a great time, trainers are great and friendly, the fitness and the gym are great and this is probably the best value you can get in Phuket. I will come back to train for sure as soon as I can be back in Phuket !

        "Great advice, knowledge and care"

        The trainers, trainee's and personal trainers all give it there all and have great advice, knowledge and care that I can really appreciate at every visit, I've know of them for a year now and they just get more and more Phuket Town locals in for their gym and boxing, it is right smack in Phuket Town so as much as I love going to Chalong for a great gym they built one close to home. More time spent on your work out and stress relief. I'll be starting with khun Benz a great PT that the management introduced me to today!

        "Fabulous experience"

        I stayed at the Siam Muay Thai Academy for a month, and what a fabulous experience it was. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The room was very clean and comfortable, with everything I needed to relax between training sessions. The Muay Thai trainers were all excellent, and working with a new-comer to the sport like me, were all very patient, and they also knew just how much to push to get the best out of me. There was a good mix of Muay Thai expertise with the other students, which for me personally, made it a very good environment in which to learn. I’m very much looking forward to going back to train at the Siam Muay Thai Academy next year.

        "Incredible experience!"

        I stayed at the Academy for one week during my vacations and it was an incredible experience! I booked a room within their facilities, which was very clean and comfortable, so I was able to join two classes per day (1 minute walk to class). Since I didn't have much experience with boxing, the coaches showed me step by step what to do and gave me advice where needed. All of them were super friendly, helpful and we had good laughs. The members were both locals and internationals, making it easy to get in touch with them and also spend some free time together. TO SUM IT UP: I had a great time at a great place. This week didn't only make me get to the limit of my physical abilities but also made me push myself over my mental boundaries, getting consistent with my soul.

        "Very good!!"

        best MMA Academy in 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭... very clean.. trainers and staff very kind and very good!!

        About Gym

        Siam Muaythai Academy

        MuayThai is steeped in Thai tradition and culture, not only does it benefit the local Thai communities in Phuket and Thailand but is a key to facilitate sharing that culture internationally, learning from others experiences and teaching those who join us the Thai discipline and lifestyle of MuayThai.

        71/76 Soi Paneung, Yaowarat Road, Phuket

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