Premium Group Class - Month Package (single room, no meals) @Ladphrao, Bangkok : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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Premium Group Class - Month Package (single room, no meals) @Ladphrao, Bangkok

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฿22977 THB
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Train Muay Thai in Bangkok like a real fighter (as a Nak Muay), but live in a boutique resort! We offer you a complete experience, where you can enjoy Muay Thai training, relax in “simple-luxury” rooms, and explore the adventures of Bangkok.


Khongsittha Muay Thai (KST) was founded in 2013 to create a modern, smoothly blended old school and new school teaching method, Muay Thai experience for all people regardless of age, sex and ethnicity enhancing traditional Muay Thai values. Combining martial arts, fitness, and  hospitality, we aim to be a powerhouse in Sports Tourism in Thailand. 


- Muay Thai School (up to 125 persons for group training)

- 80 Private Boutique Rooms 

- Professional Kitchen 

- Certified by Sports Authority of Thailand 

- Curriculum registered by the Ministry of Education Thailand 

- Trainers with a combined 2500 and over fight experience 

- Free Tickets to Ringside Fights with Matthew Deane

What's included

  • 2 training sessions per day, morning and afternoon.
  • 6 days of training except Monday.
  • Unlimited access to group class.
  • Full accommodation. All rooms have air-conditioned and private shower. (Single bed

Fee excludes:

  • Transportation
  • Meals


5 reviews

"Highly recommend!"

A professional gym that is well equipped. Fantastic trainers and good standard accommodation. Friendly and fun and guaranteed to improve your Muay Thai skills.


The session was great. I was able to keep up with the regimen of the Muay Thai class and Cherng and Cing were very patient instructors. We learned about the movements for the Wai Kru, hand wraps were wrapped around our hands then went through a few movements, and finally was able to practice the movements in four rounds with some breaks in between. It was intense and a great workout. Afterwards, it was refreshing to clean up in the locker room which was clean and spacious. Cherng waited for us to get ready and took us to Cafe Reverie for a nice fruit juice and pad thai. The food and drink really hit the spot after the muay thai lesson.

"Best option to traing muay thai in Bangkok"

I have trained in many gyms in Bangkok during the last 12 years and recently I went to train to KST and I can say probably is the best gym I have trained in Bangkok. Nice pad holders, great facilities (2 rings, several bags, etc.), clean gym and very important I can take a shower after my training. I recommend KST 100%.

"Great Muay Thai camp with awesome food & accomodation"

I went for the 3D2N Package to try out some Muay Thai in Bangkok. The trainers were great and I like the regime they had. Lots of padwork practice and strength conditioning. I am only a beginner but you don’t feel intimidated here. The food that came with the coupons were beyond my expectation. The bomb!!! And the restaurant was so relaxing and Instagram-mable. And I like that the accomodation was very clean and safe. Overall a great place... if I have the time will definitely stay longer next time! And thanks to Dunk who took time to come round and say hi to us! :) hope to be back soon!

"Excellent experience"

Visited yesterday and took my young godson, who is 11 years old, for a lesson with Khun Bang. My godson does Jujitsu and karate back in England and this was his first time with Muay Thai. We were really impressed with the whole training and sparring as Khun Bang made it fun as well as informative and my godson thoroughly enjoyed every moment from the warm ups to the training in the ring. A really nice gym and environment, friendly staff and great training facilities! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. Definitely a great find and in my opinion a must do for anyone with interest in the martial arts!

Khongsittha Muay Thai

Premium Group Class - Month Package (single room, no meals) @Ladphrao, Bangkok

       Khongsittha is an all-inclusive Muay Thai Training School with 80 Private Boutique Rooms and a Professional Kitchen. All gym staff are professional and highly qualified so as to contribute your holiday with authentic Muay Thai experience and proper skills that help you get out your comfort zone.

23 Sukhonthasawat Road, Ladphrao, Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230

฿22977 THB Per Person

฿22977 THB
Per Person

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