1 Week Group (private room) @ Sor Vorapin, Taling Chan (City Outskirts) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        1 Week Group (private room) @ Sor Vorapin, Taling Chan (City Outskirts)

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        “Sor Vorapin” was born from the passion form Muay Thai of Mr. Surapol and Ms. Vorapin.

        Not only specialising in training Thai boxing, Sor Vorapin is also recognised as home of expert trainers in international boxing, as can be seen in our students who are Thai boxing champions and World boxing champions of I.B.F and W.B.O!

        They were coached by our highly experienced trainers, who have more than fifteen years teaching experience, in addition to their many championship belts!

        But don’t be afraid! Even if you don’t have any experience at all – that’s ok too! At Sor Vorapin, we provide courses for all kinds of student- no matter their skill level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. We create variety of courses to meet the needs and aptitude of the students. We adjust the course to suit each student, to make sure that they will learn the art of Thai boxing.

        Furthermore, at Sor Vorapin we are also proficient at teaching foreigners, and bringing the national sport of Thailand to an international audience. Sor Vorapin is honoured to promote Thai sport unique culture, in the eyes of the world. 

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        • Training with former champions who are ready to teach you how to do the right move and share their techniques 
        • Practicing with the coached supervising every minute, to prevent accidents and make sure that your moves are perfect and right
        • Enjoying the environment in the camp, getting the feeling of the real fighters who are going to train you to become one

        Training Section Outline

        Morning Session 

        • 7.00 Wake Up
        • 7.20 Warm up / Stretch
        • 7.40 Jogging 
        • 8.00 Shadow Box & Drills 
        • 8.20 Pad Work 
        • 8.40 Bag Work
        • 9.20 Sparring
        • 9.30 Cool Down Stretch
        • 9.50 Breakfast Together


        Afternoon Session 

        • 3.00 Warm Up / Stretch
        • 3.15 Jogging 
        • 3.30 Skipping
        • 3.45 Pad Work 
        • 4.10 Bag Work
        • 4.30 Sparring
        • 4.50 Cool Down / Stretch
        • 5.30 Shower
        • 6.00 Dinner Together

        What's included

        • Private Accomodation (Air Conditioner) for a week
        • 2 times training for a week
        • 2 meals for a week


        This course is for trainees who want to learn Muay Thai more advance. We can train you harder than the basic step and coach you how to practice in a right way.



        "Love Muay Thai"

        If you are interested in boxing and convenient source close to Khao San Road ... Sor Vorapin boxing gym is another place that is another good choice . Training by former professional boxing has changed a trainer . Boxing trainer who has experience, and we want to encourage boxing . Hot temperatures and bright airy rooms and no air conditioning . You will sweat a lot of time boxing and you will feel refreshed after sweating . Opening 2 times - 7.30 -9.30am. - 3.00-5.00pm. * If you try to be the first boxing gloves and bandaged hand to use without charge . Enjoyed with the punches.

        "Loved it"

        I have been involved in Martial Arts for a great part of my life, so the natural thing to do is to take at least one authentic Muay Thai training. Authentic it is, the ring looks old but is functioning, there is this unmistakable smell of sweat coming from hard work, the center is a bit hard to find, tuckded away in an ally where you normally won't easily go. At the same time, the traiing is respectful and adapted to your level, it is open, even for beginners in the art, like myself, there is absolutely no need to fear hard combats and/or injuries.

        "Great single training experience"

        I enjoyed a well paced 1 to 1 training session with a very friendly coach. Paid 1000 b and gloves as well as wraps were lent to me there. Best to come in the morning to arrange a session for the evening.


        Excellent! I love to train Thai boxing with my teacher Ajarn Thanomsak


        Trained here a couple times while I was fighting professionally. Perfect little gym, convenient location in Bangkok and the some of the best Muay tuition available.

        "Wonderful Experience"

        A wonderful trip, learn a lot and full of fun, the food provided is so yummy, I got fat after 1week training, ha!


        We did an open class today as beginners and came out wanting more. The instructors were fantastic, patient and encouraging and the other people in the class were in great form. The ratio of instructors to students is perfect in order to get your reps in as well as your rest. I definitely recommend Sor Vorapin Gym for anyone passing through Bangkok and wanting a taste for Muay Thai!

        "Best experience"

        With a little Boxing experience I couldn't resist giving Muay Thai a try, especially in Thailand! After trying one session I was hooked and signed up for the week. It's a full on work out with very patient, friendly and encouraging trainers that focus on proper technique with some very satisfying padwork. All staff were great and everyone else I met there were all good folk. The gym itself has seen many years of use and it shows, but for me, that was part of it's charm. I will absolutely be going back for more next time I am in Thailand. In fact, considering planning my next visit around going back to Sor Vorapin. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was due to some (very) minor language barrier issues - but that's just as much down to me as the gym. *I would suggest using your own wraps and gloves if you have them. Not essential, just personal preference. Nothing wrong with equipment supplied.

        "Great experience"

        I researched a few places in Bangkok for Muay Thai School and this was the best that came up. Honestly it was a great experience! I would totally do it again! I learned a lot about the technique and forms. Instructors are professional and funny but they also tell you what you need to improve on. Highly recommended. It's a bit far from central Bangkok but it's worth the trip if you want an authentic muay thai gym.

        "Just try"

        I enjoy my time during the training. The place was clean and neat. My training was intense.


        Love this camp and my trainer will come back here again next time.

        "A lot of experiences"

        What I got from this course was a lot of techniques about Muay Thai such as punches, kicks and knees. However, the location of this camp is not so convenience. You cannot get there by car, it needs to walk for a distance to get into this camp.

        "Long stay with extraordinary camp!"

        I’ve trained at Sor Vorapin over a month. At first, they’ll assess your skill level and help you appropriate way to setup your style. A great support and advice on each technique, no matter how hard you can understand. It’s just 1,125 USD, including a private accommodation with air-conditioner, 2 meals and training 2 times a day. Highly recommend one.

        About Gym

        Sor Vorapin, Bangkok

        Welcome to the wonderful world of Muay Thai at Sor Vorapin, where you will get trained with fun and correctness with our skilled coaches, no matter how experienced you are!

        37/15 Soi Suan Phak 1 (Siri Wat), Moo. 10, Ratchaphruek Road, Taling Chan, Bangkok West

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