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$ 146 Per Person
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Push yourself with 10 Muay Thai lessons to learn Muay Thai techniques and improve fitness.


Air conditioning
Boxing arena
Boxing gloves
Cafe shop
Changing room
Clothes shop
Free bottled water
Hair dryer
Hand wraps
$ 146 Per Person
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  • Course of 10 lessons to go ahead with Muay Thai training
  • Friendly, English-speaking instructors
  • Learn Muay Thai boxing moves
  • Learn combinations
  • Burn calories and improve fitness
  • Increase strength and coordination
  • Good facilities

Training Session Outline

Training Guideline (It is up to your skills)

  1. First 15 mins -- Wrapping hand and start warm up by Stretching, running, skipping then exercises (sit ups, planks & legs raises)
  2. Then 5 mins break
  3. 8 movement Combos in the mirror ,punch, hook, elbow, knee and kick) by shadow approx. 15 mins
  4. Then 5 mins break
  5. 8 movement combos by equipment approx. 15 mins
  6. Then 5 mins break
  7. 8 movement combos with trainer approx. 15-20 mins
  8. Fresh-up by stretching and leg raises approx. 10 mins


38 reviews

"Loved it"

Had a one on one session with Patee (instructor) and loved it. The 90 min session was good which I need to get back to fitness. The service and welcoming was great. Although I had friends doing the joint session, if your fit, so a one on one.

"It was epic!"

First time at a Muay Thai boxing studio and it was epic! I'll be back!

"Recommending it."

The 3rd muay thai gym I've visited in Bangkok in the past several months. Great workout for my level (1.5 years of boxing 0.5 years of muay thai) and overall very positive experience. Recommending it.


Nice installations, clean, good price and friendly staff

"Best Gym ever"

Great training for runners and Universal sport Essaie concluant au Pays de la boxe thaï

"Excellent facilities"

Good teachers, excellent facilities, very clean.

"Great Facilities"

Great facilities, helpful staff and decent trainers!!


Best gym ever!!! Nice place!! Nice teacher!! I luv boxing!!!

"Great environment"

Great environment and very nice place, clean and more fresh air.


I went back to this place twice a year. Training for a month. In each time my visit. I am already booked for December


A had a lot of fun, great instructors, very well equiped. Prices are a bit higher, you have to purchase water for 10 BTH at the reception, but it was great experience (all of the guests were international ).

"Good Experience"

I decided to come for one training during a Bangkok visit and I am really happy about my decision. The staff is very friendly,and Through the Coache's experience, i was able to improve my Muay Thai technique I will definitely come back!! Kob khun ka.

"Fantastic Muay Thai experience"

Booked in for 1:1 training. Fantastic workout with a great instructor....feeling the pain today! Will be back again on my next trip to Bangkok.

"Must try"

A must do!! Great workout and instructors! You will not be disappointed.


Professional instructors, the course is organized with warm up and stretching. As I'm beginner I was looking for basic skills of Muay Thai, spirit of martial art and exercices : they are giving to me all of this, can't wait till the next course to learn and progress! there is really clean changing room with clean showers and lockers. I recommend that place !

"Great Gym"

2 days of training with Legend Thai Boxing and it was a real pleasure. The staff is very friendly and the coaches are efficient and professional. A big thank you to all for your kindness and professionalism. I will return on my next visit to Bangkok.

"Try it out!"

I've been to a few boxing places before, but never a Muay Thai boxing gym. There is a bit of cross over between the sports, so I was looking for a tough, intense session. Here is a recollection of the 1.5 hrs I spent there: 5 mins in: you're greeted by friendly staff, a teacher (Kru in Thai) by the name of Ben wraps my hands with standard issue boxing wraps. We warm up with stretches and a light run around the ring. 15 mins: a light run, skipping and shadow box has got me sweaty. I'm looking around during a short 3 min break and the place looks professional. 30 mins: I'm starting to wonder when the real work out will start. Patience is key and the language barrier isn't an issue because the teachers speak a fair amount of english. 45 mins: I spoke too soon, I'm in the ring with a Kru holding pads. I'm sweating so much that my sweat is sweating. 65 mins: I've forgotten my name and how I got here. Just reacting to the next punch, kick, elbow and knee. 75 mins: punching 10 times never felt so difficult. What, you want 10 more kicks? I want my mummy. 90 mins: we do a cool down with some stretches. I'm thinking about taking a taxi back to the hotel. Job well done Legend Thai Boxing. Hope your english reading fans enjoyed this review.

"Great gym"

I found it fantastic with the coaches very friendly and very knowledgeable with a real thirst for teaching authentic Muay Thai , brilliant gym.

"Pretty Good"

Wanted to do some training while in Bangkok found this place and have been very impressed with the quality of the gym and the trainers. Have had a great time so far and will be back for a few more sessions before going back to Australia. Cheers.


Awesome gym, cool trainers, I will continue my trainings there! I went there last Sunday. Kroo Patee does a great job! Don't pay attention to silly comments and ratings! The gym is worth the price!

"Warmly recommended"

I had a private session yesterday. I was really surprised by the very welcoming staff, the availability and the variety of the equipment and the professionalism of the trainers. I have a long background in martial arts and fighting sports, so expected a relatively easy session. But the trainers make me to go beyond my limits with a very thought training. I had the occasion to learn new combinations and techniques. A very nice surprise. Warmly recommended.


Its a good place for exercising not only for thais but its suit for foreigner who want to try thai boxing.warm welcome. Trainers are kind and friendly.


Patee, one of the coaches, is one of the best teachers -- and nicest guys -- that I know. And the gym's location is incredibly convenient.


What an AWESOME day!! We did a group class at 9am - 1030am for 500THB. There were 2 others in the group with us, so it almost felt like a private class, we even got 1 on 1 training. Started off with wrapping our hands, stretches, running, skipping then exercises (sit ups, planks & leg raises) it was a great cardio work out. Then we did combos in the mirror working our way up to a 8 movement combo (punch, hook, elbow, knee & kick) then we put on our gloves and did rounds one on one with the trainers for 4 minutes at a time practicing left, right punch, hooks, forward elbows, spin back elbows, knees, kicks, front leg push, leg blocks. It was very CLEAN! All the equipment was NEW! The music was pumping! The trainers ENGLISH was good! They supply WATER for 10THB! You just need to remember a sweat towel! I highly recommend this class to boys & girls. It was a great experience, I enjoyed it so much that every time I go back to Bangkok I will be attending another class!


Clean facility, equipment is in good shape. Just a short walk from the Chong Nonsi stop on the Solon line. Westerner friendly gym - pretty much all of the instructors speak at least a little English and everything is demonstrated so it's easy to follow along. The workout is hard but by no means impossible. The instructors keep you laughing throughout. A heads up though - the gym is not air conditioned so you will get insanely sweaty. Drink a lot of water before, during, and after, especially if you're not used to Thai heat and humidity. I would definitely recommend Legend to anyone who's visiting and wants to check out Muay Thai for themselves or who lives in the area and is looking for a good quality gym.

"My first time"

Was a first time visit for me. I was looking for a new workout to challenge myself - I found it! An awesome 90 mins of strength, coordination, cardio and explosive strength under the guidance of a great instructor. Facilities are great, well equipped gym, good changing rooms with towels, lockers, showers and refreshments available. I can't wait to get back to Bangkok and do more!

"Amazing Facility!"

You can start from beginners to professionals over there. I felt like I'm just a beginner there but everyone else seemed more experienced! I enjoyed the lesson and motivated me to keep moving.

"Great gym"

I admired the guys of this gym, including trainers, receptions and janitors. They all were awesome and very polite. Took care of me and my wife very good. There were a lot of things to do during the training class, which made me though the time's over for a long time.

"The facilities were top class!"

The facilities were excellent and the trainers were dam good. There was always a friendly atmosphere around the gym, made me felt very welcome. Recommend to everyone!

"Awesome Muay Thai training"

An amazing training team in Bangkok. If you love Muay Thai training, you will love Legend Thai Boxing indeed. They all were friendly and helpful. I can't wait to be back there training.

"Great gym"

I'm normally not one who is writing reviews. Train at this gym makes me love Muaythai, get the right move very quick. It's great indeed.


This place is a great place to start or get advanced Muay Thai training. All the instructors are very professional and very knowledgeable. I recommend this training for anyone interested in learning Muay Thai.


The staff is so nice that let us join the next session as we were late. The environment is nice and tidy and location is quite convenient.

"Wonder gym"

I came for my business and had a chance to try muaythai. It was great in everything, including facilities, trainers and classmates. Additionally, environment arounds the gym pretty good.


I was so wonder on this gym. They gave me the best experience on training Muaythai, which is great. I will come back to train with this gym for sure.

"Strategic location and good trainer"

The location is strategic where it is close to my accommodation and office, just 10 minutes walk. I joined this course when I were working in Bangkok for 3 months. The facility is so great and safe for female. I can enjoy eating lots of food street and the weight is still as the same with having more muscles since I joined this class. The trainer is so nice and explain clearly.


Good experience. I never practice Muaythai so I’d love to try. The trainer was very friendly. It was really fun. I will take a longer course next time.

"It got me!"

This gym is located in the best position. Easy for me to get Muay Thai training, nearby my office. Trainers are pretty friendly, experienced and funny. Facilities and environment of this gym still in the good condition at all. You must try it!

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