Group - 1 Week @ Jaroenthong, Phuket

This training course is designed for everyone. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced boxer, this program suits well with foreigners, students, employees, and groups who are interested in Thai boxing.

$ 552/person
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2.5 hours
12 Time


Air conditioning
Boxing arena
Clothes shop
Shower room
$ 552 per person


During this training, you will learn MuayThai techniques that will give you the skills to self-defense and protect others. You will learn with skilled coaches and trainers who directly supervise the training at every single step to ensure the quality of the students.

The training course is for everyone whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced boxer. However, all the training depends on the preference of the students as to how much you want to master this sport. The way of training is designed differently depending on each individual’s skills and strengths.

The routine is for conditioned Thai boxers, but if you are the beginner, you should start slowly and then gradually increase the degree of intensiveness for your training as level of your physical fitness increases. JaroenthongMuayThai Gym Phuket have a specialist to observe and advise you in adjusting routine activities to be in line with your fitness level and your requirements.


  • Friendly, English-speaking instructors
  • Learn Muay Thai techniques especially self-defense
  • Design differently depending on each individuals' skills and strengths
  • All levels are welcome

Training Session Outline


Morning Session

  • 09:20 Warm up and stretch
  • 09:40 Jogging
  • 10:00 Shadow box and drills
  • 10:20 Pad work
  • 10:40 Bag work
  • 11:20 Sparring
  • 11:30 Cool down stretch

Afternoon Session

  • 16:30 Warm up and stretch
  • 16:45 Jogging
  • 17:00 Skipping
  • 17:15 Pad work
  • 17:40 Bag work
  • 18:00 Sparring
  • 18:20 Cool down and stretch

NB :- This program will be skipped for one day island tour and 1 time for watching Muay Thai fight at the stadium.

What's included

  • 2 Muay Thai training classes per day
  • 1 day trip to Racha & Coral Island
  • 1 fight ticket and free transfer to the stadium
  • Airport transportation upon "Arrival" and "Departure"
  • Free Thai massage
  • Daily meal for 1 week (Breakfast)
  • Private room for 6 nights

Most Recent Review of This Gym.

from 26 reviews

The Best MT

The best Muay Thai Gym in Phuket...

Jha J
Jha J. | 5 Apr 2018

Great place

Great place great staff and Coach they all so friendly , On top of the gym such a nice view.

Chuleerat F
Chuleerat F. | 5 Apr 2018

Great Gym

There is no exercise like Muay Thai. Then you add really fun people (trainers) and you'll never stop. Jaroenthong is a fun and hard workout with a lot of great people.

Brent J
Brent J. | 5 Nov 2017


Great place to workout! Beginner at Muay Thai and were very patient! Great atmosphere and will be back!! Food is superb also!!!!

Brent W
Brent W. | 5 Nov 2017

Great Place

Great place to train and overall good vibe. Restaurant serves nice n healthy food as well. 5 stars by me

Jak H
Jak H. | 5 Nov 2017


Always enjoy my training sessions there. A bit hot in the gym and would benefit from a bit more air flow...

Ruthless G
Ruthless G. | 5 Nov 2017


Very nice people and everyone can do it! Amazing experience!!! Thank you!!!

Pierre N
Pierre N. | 5 Nov 2017

The best place

Here is the best place to learn Muay Thai in Thailand. As a Taekwondo Player and Muay Thai practitioner in Korea I was nervous but they made me feel right at home! Highly recommend everyone to train here!!!

Brennan C
Brennan C. | 5 Nov 2017

Really Professional

I love to exercise here because all the trainer are really profestional and freindly. Moreover, I enjoy learning Thai boxing here and already addicted to it. What a good way to get stronger and healthier!

Nanthawan W
Nanthawan W. | 5 Nov 2017

Great Time

Thank all.. I had a great time. Thank you to kru for been so humble. Love from London. Tony and family.

Valentina M
Valentina M. | 5 Nov 2017

Good MTS

Good Muay Thai School for ladies, gents and children.

David S
David S. | 5 Nov 2017

Loved it

Trained for 7 days straight. Great classes as well as one on one coaching. Loved it.

Alex M
Alex M. | 5 Nov 2017


Took our three children here to train a couple times and they treated us fabulous and the kids learned alot. This was my kids favourite memory of Thailand!

Melissa B
Melissa B. | 5 Nov 2017

1on1 class

Each class took around 1 hour. Really enjoyed the practices with the legend. He is very patience to teach in every step. Good experience for self defence and exposure to martial art.

Emmett C
Emmett C. | 5 Nov 2017


This gym taught me the real Muaythai is. It's a great time for me to learn such a great martial art. There was a good time to spend on! I recommend everyone to try on.

Maria E
Maria E. | 5 Oct 2017


Everything is just perfect!

John E
John E. | 5 Oct 2017

Nice gym

I had a chance to train Muaythai at this gym once. It was still in my memory. This place admired me on how wonderful of the scenery city is, and also how the trainers train me on Muaythai. I never even tried this martial art before, it was great. I definitely will go back to this gym again.

Sarah M
Sarah M. | 5 Oct 2017


Awesome Class we got our asses kicked and it was great!

Kwanchanok W
Kwanchanok W. | 5 Oct 2017


Super fun and a very nice work out! Coach is nice but his English is limited but still can enjoy the whole class!

Francis T
Francis T. | 5 Oct 2017

Just great!

There is no exercise like Muay Thai. Then you add really fun people (trainers) and you'll never stop. Jaroenthong is a fun and hard workout with a lot of great people.

Brent J
Brent J. | 5 Oct 2017

Great experience

I want to say thanks to all trainers in Jaroenthong Muay Thai Gym! They are real professionals! Great experience!

Ellie G
Ellie G. | 5 Oct 2017

Great atmosphere

It was my first time by Muay Thai and thanks to all trainers I loved it so much, so I even continue training at home! Thank you! Great team, great atmosphere!

James M
James M. | 5 Oct 2017

It's good

Everything was ok, just only the location that no public transportation.

Christy T
Christy T. | 4 Sep 2017


I tried to train Muaythai on this gym and got the great feeling! Everyone should try at least once.

John C
John C. | 5 Sep 2017

Good trainers with great experience!

Never try Muay Thai before, I had no idea how to move myself like them. They’re very focused on me to ensure that I get thing right. I did both group sessions and private sessions, which totally different both pricing and how they train you. Highly recommend to try one-on-one training with Kru Ped. I think it likes a golf, which needs a pro to train you how to do a right move.

Paul T
Paul T. | 5 Aug 2017


I trained at Jaroenthong gym for over 2 weeks, once a day in a beginner class (I am not sure they have a level on each one) and one-on-one with Kru Ped. It was really impressive for me to learn with him. He took care of me very well, and also taught me in each single step. The trainers are very friendly and good atmosphere.

Jame T
Jame T. | 5 Aug 2017

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