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Group - 1 Month @ Muay Thai Connection, Rome, Italy

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Muay Thai Connection (MTC) is an association in Rome, Italy that aims to promote the sport of Muay Thai. MTC operates in numerous gymnasiums across the historic city, and seeks to maintain a high standard of technical preparation based on the methods and training systems typical of the camps in Thailand. Its promoters have gained more than 20 years of experience through study trips to Thailand and in leading European countries, such as the Netherlands and France. MTC was the first association in the west to develop its own training methods and welcomes people of all abilities to take part; whether at a purely amateur level, or for anyone tackling the long journey of psycho-physical training towards competitive fighting.

MTC offers its athletes a didactic approach that combines the training methods and techniques practise in modern Muay Thai (as seen in Thai and international competitive circuits) with the study of traditional (ancient) methods known as Muay Thai Boran. Muay Thai is a unique martial art that takes on different characteristics adapting to the historical context or the environment in which it is practised.


  • Learn Muay Thai boxing moves
  • Learn combinations
  • Burn calories and improve fitness
  • Increase strength and coordination
  • Good facilities

Training Section Outline

Training Guideline (It is up to your skills)

  1. First 15 mins -- Wrapping hand and start warm up by Stretching, running, skipping then exercises (sit ups, planks and legs raises)
  2. Then 5 mins break
  3. 8 movement Combos in the mirror ,punch, hook, elbow, knee and kick) by shadow approx. 15 mins
  4. Then 5 mins break
  5. 8 movement combos by equipment approx. 15 mins
  6. Then 5 mins break
  7. 8 movement combos with trainer approx. 15-20 mins
  8. Fresh-up by stretching and leg raises approx. 10 mins

About Gym

Muay Thai Connection

Push yourself to learn Muay Thai techniques and improve fitness for 1 month.

Via Di Casole D’Elsa 13, 00139 Roma, Italy

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Per Person
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