Group - 1 Month @ Kombat Group, Pattaya (City, Central Thailand) : Book Now. all inclusive, no hidden fees

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        Group - 1 Month @ Kombat Group, Pattaya (City, Central Thailand)

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        Whether you’re a beginner who has never tried Muay Thai before, an amateur looking to develop skills, techniques and fitness or a professional Muay Thai fighter wanting to increase your fighting impact, everyone benefits from training with our Thai instructors in a group class. With years of experience and hundreds of fights under their belt, our training team includes former champions as well as current active fighters.

        Both the camp and gym have a welcoming and inviting environment. In our training classes, everyone enjoys the same great atmosphere and focus and our instructors support you through your training to achieve maximum results.


        Training for Beginners

        Beginners to Muay Thai are always welcome. Our experienced trainers have a genuine passion for you to learn correct Muay Thai techniques that will provide you with a solid foundation. You will have peers at your skill level as well as more experienced Muay Thai fighters around to offer you advice. Best of all, you will be introduced to this beautiful martial art in its birth country, Thailand!

        Training for Advanced

        We ensure that all Muay Thai fighters benefit from a stay at Kombat Group by receiving the best training possible. Our experienced instructors and champions will get you ready for your next fight. They will sharpen your Muay Thai skills and teach you advanced techniques that will further your career as a professional fighter.


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        Our success is built upon our champion Muay Thai trainers, coaches and 6 times Muay Thai World Champion - Christian Daghio, who also holds WBA Asia Boxing Champion and ABF Boxing Champion titles.

        Training Section Outline

        Training Session Outline

        Before each session, the guests can choose they type of warm-up they prefer - to go for a run, use the cardio machines in the gym, or use the skipping ropes available.

        Morning Class: starts with a warm up, then on to the bag to workout. While everyone is working on the bags, the trainer will direct the drill and correct your technique. Next, students will go one at a time into the ring to work one-on-one with the trainer for at least 3 rounds, taking it in turns to rest and train. We provide enough trainers per student to ensure everyone receives a full workout. We conclude with stretching and a cool-down at the end of the session.

        Evening Class: The evening class is the same as the morning session for the first hour. The second hour of the class is divided into levels: beginners will work on techniques, while intermediate and advanced students work more intensively on drills on the bags, clinching and sparring. Classes end with an abdominal workout, stretching and cool down.

        What's included

        • Training in Muay Thai twice a day
        • Free of use the gym’s equipment, including swimming pool
        • 3 meals a day (Sunday included)
        • Accommodation with air-conditioner and en suite bathroom
        • A free Kombat Group t-shirt/vest
        • One time 30 minutes private lesson with a trainer of your choice
        • One time body composition analysis with our InBody270 scale
        • Free 30 minutes welcome Thai Massage on arrival day.



        "Great place"

        Great place to learn how to box! Jimmy is a great coach. He pushes you and has taught me so much :)

        "Great atmosphere"

        I had the best week and already my son decided to stay for a longer period of time. The staff here are very friendly and the atmosphere in general was great my family enjoyed it here and will Be back very soon Thank you kombat

        "The camp is excellent"

        Got nothing but good things to say about this place. Stayed for 28 days. Facilities and training were far better than I imagined they would be. Food was brilliant and the staff and trainers were excellent. Every Sunday on our days off from Training somebody always organised a day out for everyone which was great. The camp is excellent. Will definitely be going back next year.


        Been there 28 days for the boxing classes and this place is excellent !! The staff, the food, the facilities, the gym and especially the trainers were awesome !! I will definitely go back as soon as I can !!


        This place is amazing! Don’t hesitate or think twice about it, just go! Amazing people, service minded staff, professional trainers, fun classes, amazing food and nice rooms. I’ll be back for sure and this time i’ll stay more then 1 month!


        We spent 1 month here and i would highly recommend it to everyone! The facilities are great, the staff and trainers are awesome! We can't wait to come back

        "Strongly recommend"

        One month full force!! Every day getting stronger and stronger!!!


        All I have to say is, this was the best experience I ever had. I recommend this for everybody!

        "Like a family"

        Here you will do more than learn a combat sport or loosing weight, you will find out who you truly are, discover your strengths and your weaknesses. If you desire to further yourself, they don't just offer a coach, they offer an entire family: the Kombat Group family. They are here to support you, help you, push you and to listen. They provide a kitchen team for your top health foods or delicious smoothies, maids for all your room comforts, masseurs for your physical recovery, and coaches for your training, but you will also meet all the other fighters and camp staff. People from all over the world, each with their own experiences and knowledge, willing to share their thoughts around the pool during lunch break. This is my second visit to the training camp and time flies by fast. I was there for 1 month and although I didn't find the time to achieve all the goals that I had set myself, I still progressed a lot and left with lots of memories, knowing that I met great people and especially with the desire to continue with my own progression. I’ll be back !


        I've trained and stayed @ Kombat Group solo and with a friend. Both times, the experience has been 100% awesome! The staff are genuine and sincere. Because of this, it has a family feel not that plastic fantastic commercialised feel. The trainers are attentive & brilliant!! I left here with new friends, fitter, stronger, healthier and technically enhanced. I have done Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, Krav and functional training here. Thank you Kombat Group for a memorable experience and a lifetime of knowledge and skills!

        "I will be back soon!"

        The facilities, trainers and all the staff at Kombat Group are amazing. They cater for complete beginners through to pro fighters. For those who do boxing the programme is an excellent way to improve your technique, get fitter and you can get sparring in each week. After spending 3 weeks at Kombat Group in December 2017, I returned home and a week later my UK trainer made me do a fitness test. I smashed 4 PB's I'd set towards the end of a fight camp in September, proof that Kombat Group works. Thanks for making me fitter and stronger. I will be back soon!

        "I strongly recommend it"

        Good atmosphere, good facilities, extraordinary trainers, good food. Cool place, I strongly recommend it.

        "Strongly recommend"

        Je partage ma satisfaction ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆Un centre d'entraînement que je recommande fortement sans hésitation. Un accueil et une prise en charge personnel à disposition. ☆☆Les entraineurs sont au petit soin et s'adapte à votre niveau que vous soyez amateur, débutant, professionnel. Deux entrainements par jours, le matin et le soir. Dans la salle il y à tout le matériel nécessaire mis à disposition . ☆☆Les chambres sont bien, entretenu et le lit confortable. La salle de bain est dans la chambre avec eaux chaude. ☆☆Les repas sont équilibrée, bien cuisiner et les portion sont bien servi (de quoi être rassasier). ☆☆Un cite loin de toute distraction en harmonie avec la nature. Une piscine est à disposition pour ce détendre. Tout ce que vous pouvez espérer ce trouve ici !


        I spent a 10-Day Training but wished I could stay longer. The coaches won't treat you a newbie, how intense it is for experienced and frequent trainees is the same intense one will get even on his/her first day. After all, you came to dare yourself and that's what you should achieve. Eventhough I had a lot of bruises and pains and cracked toenails (Lol), it's all worth it now. It's through these pains that you can know your maximum potential. I came and I accomplished my goal. Thank you to the coaches. It's not just training but also fun and laughter come with it. All coaches are lighthearted and happy people. All the staff are approachable too. Even Simba and Nala (Pitbulls) are friendly as well. I will definitely come back if given the chance.

        "Great Experience"

        I spent 1 week at Kombat group and I really have nothing bad to say. The venue itself is clean, tidy and really pretty. The pool is great to relax between trainings. Food is tasty an healthy and they try their max to accommodate your diet in all possible ways. The staff is kind and already ready to help with anything you need. The trainers are kick-ass, experienced, patient and passionate. I wish I had more holidays to spend longer there and I can't wait to go back there :) Thank you for everything you have done for me during my stay and see you all again very soon!

        "This place is amazing"

        I came here and done the boxing programme. Can honestly say this place is amazing. The staff are so friendly. The atmosphere is great. The training and coaching is of a very high standard and i learned a lot even in my short time here. I am a very fussy eater but every effort was made to ensure i always had somthing i liked to eat. The rooms were clean. I can't wait to come back!!!

        "Amazing training camp"

        As soon as I stepped through and entered the doors at Kombat Group, I was greeted with the most amazing smiles and vibes! :D I am absolutely speechless with my experience here - the atmosphere is filled with positivity, the people you meet are awesome and all come with a variety of skills and knowledge in all areas of martial arts and self defense, the staff were friendly and professional, the food was delicious and the chefs were very accommodating to each individuals' dietary needs I did the MMA course for 1 month which consisted of a daily 5 hour training schedule including Muay Thai, Western Boxing and BJJ/Ground and Pound. The training was very intense but you come out of it with the best skills and fitness. If you are willing to take on fights in Thailand, you can rest assured that this training camp will prepare you 110%! Overall, Kombat Group is an amazing training camp and special shout out to Christian Daghio for establishing this camp where everyone has the opportunity to learn and further develop their martial arts skills!

        "A fabulous place"

        Un posto favoloso dove apprendere la Muay Thai, ci si allena seguiti con attenzione da uno staff altamente preparato. E poi Christian è fantastico, sembra di essere a casa!


        QUesta per me è la seconda volta che torno al camp!!! Posto meraviglioso cucina fantastica e con persone molto disponibili ad ogni tua richiesta!!!! Maestri thay di gran livello capaci anche in poco tempo di tramandarti e farti acquisire le loro conoscenze su questa magnifica arte della muay thay!!!!!

        "WELL DONE"

        Questo posto è unico perché sono uniche le persone che lo gestiscono , le persone che ti allenano , le persone che ogni giorno rendono la tua giornata appassionante . Un grande team !! Ci tornerò sicuramente ...magari con i miei figli WELL DONE ALL OF YOU KOMBAT FAMILY

        "Authentic one"

        Authentic western boxing taught by retired boxers, that have actually been there and done so in the professional ranks. They are very funny, friendly and cary an everlasting aura of good vibes. This is the conclusion of my second stay at Kombat group and there is a common denominator of great training atmosphere, customer service and familar faces. It's not hard to understand, why there is a high return customer rate.

        "Amazing team!"

        Amazing team! Coaches are on point and they give 100% at all times. The atmosphere is great and the staff are always there if you ever need help or advice with anything.

        "Fantastic camp"

        Fantastic camp that caters to all needs. Facilities and food are perfect, out of the way of all the noise of Pattaya city but easy to arrange transport if you like that kind of thing. All the staff are friendly and approachable and Christian Daghio could not have been more helpful and accommodating. I went for Muay Thai training and within a week i had the basics down, my only regret is that i hadn't booked longer. You are pushed, you learn about your weaknesses and strengths, you meet interesting people too. Cannot reccomend enough, i will be back to advance my Muay Thai skills.

        "Great Experience"

        Had an amazing 1 month stay here, from the start was welcomed by very friendly camp staff, also had a sit down and a chat about my goals with the pro himself Christian. Who was happy to set me up with my diet and certain workouts to help me achieve my goals. I had the single room double bed which was a very nice air conditioned room nice clean double bed - and serviced every day. The food was excellent apart from the fact I was on a low carb diet and struggled some days but what a huge difference it made!! The training itself was excellent, for me it was the hardest I have ever worked for that period of time. The trainers are top notch - always helpful and always motivated to push there clients to maximise workout experience. To be honest I loved the place and I most certainly will be back. Sooner rather than later thanks to all staff at the gym the kitchen and the girls servicing the rooms etc.

        About Gym

        Kombat Group, Pattaya

        Kombat Group Thailand offers all levels of Muay Thai training as one of several combat sports disciplines available at our all-inclusive training and fitness camp and resort. Whether your focus is to train in Muay Thai just for fun or to keep your fighting skills to incredible levels, and maybe even fight in the best circuits in Thailand, Kombat Group is the place to reach your goals. Located on the outskirts of Pattaya City, few km far from Na-Jomtien beaches, our sport resort is ideal for training and relaxing.

        49/1 Moo 4, Soi Chaknok 19, Huai Yai, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

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