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Low price Guarantee

Our Low Price Guarantee ensures that you won’t pay a penny over the gyms’ original course prices - no booking fees or hidden costs.

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Trusted & Authorized

We work closely with our gym partners to ensure that our service meets their high quality expectations. We are trusted by the most important gyms and training camps in Thailand to deliver their courses.

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Up-front Information

You’ll get all the information you need up-front – so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and can ask any questions you might have before you book.

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Wide variety of Muay Thai courses

By working with all the major gyms and training camps we can ensure that, whatever your needs, we’ll have a course suited to you. Choose from range of locations and training programs to find the course that’s right for you.

Why Us

Free Cancellation

We understand that plans can change suddenly. With our Free Cancellation Policy, for most of our courses, if you need to cancel your trip you can get your money back provided you give us at least 48 hours notice.

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I trained at Jaroenthong gym for over 2 weeks, once a day in a beginner class (I am not sure they have a level on each one) and one-on-one with Kru Ped. It was really impressive for me to learn with him. He took care of me very well, and also taught me in each single step. The trainers are very friendly and good atmosphere.>
James T. England
Good trainers with great experience!
Never try Muay Thai before, I had no idea how to move myself like them. They’re very focused on me to ensure that I get thing right. I did both group sessions and private sessions, which totally different both pricing and how they train you. Highly recommend to try one-on-one training with Kru Ped. I think it likes a golf, which needs a pro to train you how to do a right move.
Paul T. Dublin, Ireland
Private lessons
I would recommend this gym to anyone that would like to train Muay Thai, do not worry about your skill level. The staff can train you at the beginning stage as the same as me. I had no experience about Muay Thai at all. The trainers will help you to understand how to move thing, especially powerful high kick. The location of this gym is pretty good, it’s located at Sukhumvit 36 (city centre). Recommended!
Laura D. Trail, Canada
Wonderful Experience
All the trainers are professional who are willing to teach you on Muay Thai. The atmosphere is also my love one; friendly, efforts and classmates!!! The training program is not so tough, you can choose what techniques you want to focus. One of the trainers accompanied me to the convenient store when we need to get energy drinks.
Tom H. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Exceptional Value
Been practicing Muay Thai more than 2 years and trying many gyms in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Pattaya. I think the best gym that you can gain techniques and friends is Krudamgym. The owner of this gym is Kru Dam who had a lot of experiences on fighting. He can give you a lot of techniques and developing area of your weakness.
Mel D. Rotorua District, New Zealand
Long stay with extraordinary camp!
I’ve trained at Sor Vorapin over a month. At first, they’ll assess your skill level and help you appropriate way to setup your style. A great support and advice on each technique, no matter how hard you can understand. It’s just 1,125 USD, including a private accommodation with air-conditioner, 2 meals and training 2 times a day. Highly recommend one.
Alejandro L. Mexico City, Mexico